Fermenting With Your Best Friend

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Good day, Yoshua here (formerly Josh of Brothers Green Eats).

Welcome to the place where you can snag a digital or physical copy of my latest book. You can either purchase the Ebook as well as Physical book directly from me on this site, or buy it on Amazon. To get the physical copy on Amazon, or on kindle, click HERE.

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About this book:

Everyone is freaking out about fermentation, but what is it really, and what good could it possibly offer to your life? The answer--endless goodness. But this isn't just about making delicious food that is probiotic and good for your gut. This is about helping you to discern through the noise so you can figure out what makes sense for you. Figure out what foods nourish your being and soul, discover ways to make foods that fit in to your schedule and budget, and find joy while doing it.

You'll learn to make things such as; sourdough, kraut, pickles, cheese, cured meats, how to can things, how to make mead, wild wines, kombucha, jun, fermented sauces, and more. While there are 150+ recipes, you'll walk away being able to ferment just about anything under the sun. I know fermentation can sound scary, but it is really that which cannot be simpler, and I will show you how.


What is fermentation but the simple and ancient art of crafting a unique environment and setting the right conditions for the most enchanting and delicious of transformations? Is life not similar? Let's find out... Like the graceful metamorphosis of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, we sit back and watch this captivating process that unravels the very fabric of our reality.

In our quest to preserve and transform not only our fruits and vegetables but also our understanding of self; we engage in a delicate dance with the essence of existence, crafting delicious foods while transcending the fleeting narratives we construct about who we are. Layer by layer, as we pickle our onions and culture our creams, we peel back the veils of perception, venturing beyond our stories and beliefs to uncover the simple truth that lies beneath all the noise. Within the realms of fermentation and preservation, a path to liberation unfolds. In this way, we begin to see how everything, in its simplest form, makes perfect sense.

Consider this book more as a guide than a traditional recipe book, a tool to help you explore and uncover what truly makes sense to you by learning from your mistakes and new discoveries alike. Using fermentation and preservation as a vehicle for creative expression and curiosity, we will examine this wild thing we call life. That being said, there are over 150 recipes to savor.

When you embark on a journey of learning something new, like fermentation or any subject, you may find yourself searching for information and resources that may greatly assist you along the way. However, you'll often come to realize that most of the information out there is contradictory and conflicting, and can leave you confused and feeling lost. This book aims to guide you in navigating through that confusion and noise, to help you find that which truly resonates with you, whether it be in the realm of food or anything for that matter—it’s all connected—each piece of the fermented lilac blueberry pie illuminates both the sweet and Sourness of life.


Life is weird—often in the most wonderful of ways. However clear certain things may be from this sideless side of life, it’s the mystery that always keeps me curious. After one too many friends asked me to teach them how to ferment all sorts of things, out popped this book. I'm no expert, but fermentation has become a significant meditation in my life. Each morning, I tend to the land and creatures around me and check in on a plethora of projects bubbling and oozing throughout our home. In my years of exploring, I've found that, however complex and complicated pursuits can get, oftentimes the simplest things make the most sense. Life (and fermentation for that matter), at its core, is quite basic. Indeed, I once co-hosted an alternative cooking show called Brothers Green Eats with my brother Mike. On ye ol' internet and TV alike, we taught people how to navigate the confines of a small kitchen, a loose grasp of cooking techniques, and a tight budget. Our journey took us around the world, getting weird while cooking for human-based characters from all walks of reality. We had a heck of a time, garnered millions of views, brand partnership deals, and... blah, blah, blah. But, in the end, I realized that my interest in cooking is found in the simplest of things: using food as a reflective experience for creativity, connection, inspiration, growth, health and joy, as well as an impermanent art and tool that has beckoned me to question everything I once thought was true. With that said, may this book teach you what it was designed to teach—nothing.

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Fermenting With Your Best Friend

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